Testing My Amazing Talents

So I tangent-ed away from my explanation of my ‘indulging’ on Freshly Pressed.

My main point is, i normally like to read blogs no one else has, that no one has vouched for, which is a huge risk for me. I hate wasting my time, and the fear that comes with the possibility of wasting my time on a blog that’s useless does sometimes freeze my hand from clicking that button.

BUT i have yet to come across a blog i have truly regretted reading. Firstly i do go by topic, so i try and avoid really research heavy blogs (Sorry, I mean, well done, but my brain just cant handle that) or really insightful blogs (Still too much for my brain) or blogs that try and convince me I’m wrong about something (I’m not wrong. ever.) Or blogs about people, or things, or stuff. You get the drift. I don’t read every blog, but most of the blogs i read come from posts i pick which are very shallowly based on three major things

1. The title of the post

2 The title of the blog

3. The tags it has.

So I don’t read freshly pressed because they are all too smart for me and I do so hate feeling like an idiot. Especially online because there’s such a high likelihood that the other users of the internet are stupid wired and just to make myself feel better, ugly. Only problem is apparently those people don’t use wordpress. apparently only smart intelligent and beautiful people with valid opinions use wordpress. so i feel rather overshadowed and I have to leave and go to facebook for a while until my superiority complex comes back and i can face the world again with my sarcastic smirk.


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