Testing My Amazing Talents

So I was indulging in a little time reading ‘Freshly Pressed’ You know what I’m talking about. See I call it indulging because for some reason (It could be my arrogantly hipster Melbourne roots) I enjoy reading blogs that are far less mainstream. It hurts I know. I don’t do these things on purpose, trust me. I’m not trying to be hipster, i just, gah! whatever. Hate me. even more because to prove I’m not ‘hipster’ I like One Direction* yes the ‘band’, hate me even more. But I’m tangent-ing.

Oh you don’t even know how great of a segway that is. This post is about a new way for me to tangent. Get excited people. Tangents rock. And now i can organise my tangents in these cool little ‘pages’ tabs down the bottom. Yay funess. Isn’t it great how my normally depressing demeanor is completely eradicated when there’s something new and fun to play with. Get me a puppy!

Sorry. So yes. Tangents.* Oh speaking of tangents (moment to love that segway) i was saying earlier how i indulged in Freshly Pressed, the reasoning will be on a following page. If it works. I realise that this post is incredibly indulgent but hey, that’s your fault for reading a blog entitled My amazing talents. So you sort of set yourself up for that didn’t you. Well Done.

So yeah… I cant label the pages yet, cause contrary to popular belief I did not study at the perfect school for perfect people. So i shall leave a little guide at the bottom. Also that means you can skip the pages you don’t like. specifically my One Direction page. I know you. You’ll skip it.

Page 1. This page… i assume

Page 2. One Direction

Page 3. Freshly Pressed

Page 4. Tangents


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