Do I Get Brownie Points For That?

I had my crazy ‘Gatsby’ parties and I sure can do a mean tequila fulled sing-a-long to basically any song from the late 90’s. My problem is I’m 22 and already I start my wild nights with ‘I was watching the block*…’ Don’t get me wrong I can handle myself in a fight with a bottle of vodka, it’s just, I have too many ‘things’ to think about. Before it was always F the consequences, ill be right. But now its, i cannot afford rent, electricity, food, petrol AND a glass of bourbon, which can i do without?

Turns out bourbon is low on my priorities now. Apparently at 22, having a semi-decent roof above my head is more important than being ‘slizzered’ Never thought the day would come when I would look at the clock and grumble that i had too much work to do so, no, as much as i wanted i could not snuggle into bed before 10.30pm.

My ‘all-nighters’ turned into ‘all-night shifts’ and my ‘hangover headaches’ turned into ‘i haven’t had a decent sleep in weeks’, headaches.

And I don’t even have any kids. That’s the problem with studying again. I have a bachelors degree, but i am doing an extra year because apparently i am a god damn idiot. So now all i do is work and school stuff and time to go out? HA. bless your cotton socks and get off my lawn you whippernapper i need me some beauty sleep. Or just some sleep will do me, I’ve learned to give up.

Do I at least get points because I used to be cool? Extra because I also have a hidden tattoo? Good. I’m so keeping score.

*If you’ve never heard of the block, or house rules if you’re a seven watcher, then your nights suck regardless. Seriously, its mind numbing crap TV, which makes for great TV that i will watch until i feel mind numbed enough to face life again.

Also if you’re not from the land of things that try to kill you, (Australia) and seriously have no idea what the block is, its like a home reno show where couples have to renovate houses, or apartments and ‘deliver’ one room a week. Although most of the time i think they just argue with themselves and each other until magically on the seventh day the rooms are complete. TV magic. love it.

By the way, this post was originally in response to thekidshavegonetoschool’s post ‘Who am I?’ which you can read in all its glory right here

Forever yours,
At least for the moment



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